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Need Help Roland VP-540 Cyan Stripes


Kreative Folientechnik
Hi Signs101 Community,

my Printer 540 VP printing on DT1 cyan stripes. Also if i print marks for print&cut.
Can i change the base Settings from the Head ?
See Picture.

On DT1 i got the Stripes and also on Print&Cut Markers
On DT3 he dont make Stripes.

Can someone tell me maybe why :D
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Another VP acting badly. Here is what I am going through...

Change head cables.
Change long data cables.
Change mainboard.


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Can you show us a picture of your nozzle check (Test Print) to help verify that there's no other issue going on?

Have you experienced a head strike or replaced a head recently? Do you have OEM heads in the printer with the correct head ranks input?

I am not sure what DT1 vs DT3 means, but if I had to guess, it is dot size. If this is the case, you're only experiencing that anomaly when the printer attempts to send the larger dots. That should tell us something.

Player is probably correct. You may be looking at a new cyan head, new head cables, new carriage cables, or new main board (or maybe even just a fuse--though I believe the entire channel would drop out if that was the case).