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Roland VP-540 possible bad head?

Zack Bunning

New Member
Okay, so I bought a VP540 a month ago or so. don't know too much about them. I have been trying to get it all setup and going, but I am having an issue with the cyan overspraying on prints. I have made sure my head is in the low position, I've done multiple small cleanings and a medium clean. I unplugged my machines power cord for an hour and plugged it back in to see if it was possibly a static issue. I have read up on a few other posts, it seems like some people have fixed the issue by replacing the damper. Some others say they could only fix it by replacing the head. My test print shows just a few drop outs, which I have attached. If anyone has dealt with this issue, I would really appreciate some insight as to what route I should go to resolve this. Also, if changing the damper is suggested, where is the best place to buy parts at? I am new to this. Thank you for your time

Sign Pro Salina

New Member
We have had over spray issues with our Roland SP-540V when our head height is set to high. I know you already you said you have yours set on low, might be worth double checking to make sure it's down. Next I would replace dampers as already suggested. Here's another site that carries Roland parts if you don't already have a Roland dealer connection. https://www.extremeinkjet.com/versacamm_part_s/62.htm


New Member
You said you've done several small cleanings and a medium but have you manually cleaned around the heads? Maybe you have something attached to the head that is causing deflection. This video gives you a guide for a manual clean. John