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Roland VP540 heater not working correctly

No Lemon

New Member
I have a preset that turns the heater on and when I went to use it yesterday I noticed that the heater led was not flashing and the table was not heating up. I went into the function settings and manually turned on the heater setting to the max (112 degrees) and the table warms up to around 110 degrees on the side closest to the control buttons but the other side barely warms up.It is not hot like it used to be. Any ideas what may have failed?
We are sad to hear that the heater on this machine is not working properly. This has 2 heaters on the machine and if both heaters are not working then the cause could be the Power board. If it is only one heater then it could be a signal going to the board from that heater. We would suggest that a local dealer comes onsite to help trouble shoot this more in depth.
Thank you,
Roland Technical Support