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Roland vp540 test print help

Zack Bunning

New Member
Okay so I've done several manual cleanings, multiple cleanings on the machine itself, 4 normal cleanings and a medium clean. I am still experiencing the same test print problems. What is the next step I should take in trying to resolve this issue? Thank you for your time


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Just Me
Just went through this ourselves on our VP 540. It appears that you have a leak in one of the dampers - it will only get worse and if it hasn't already, it can take the black head down with it. They are pretty easy to change yourself - just be careful when removing the lines that you don't get ink everywhere. The cost of the dampers are about $60 each and there are 2 on each head. Better to change them both rather than just one. Much cheaper than the cost of a new head!

Edited to add: After you change them you have to pump ink through the lines - immediately after the change, we lost ALL the black head until we got the ink flowing again (multiple machine cleans - watch the drainage bottle!)