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Roland VS-300 ink type change


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Hi I have a Roland VS-300 and when we first got it the dealer absolutely sold us on the CMYKLcLm configuration, but now we see it's not worth it since it's way too expensive and not worth the hassle for the "extra quality", also getting the LcLm cartridges is specially difficult since very very few dealers here in Mexico have them, and I was wondering if there was a way I could swap the ink type to CCMMYYKK? I've read somewhere you can reset the firmware/setup/config and get it that way. I would appreciate a ton your help.



New Member
There is no easy button when switching ink config. Yes there is an option in the menu that allows you to change, but you would need to re-place the ink lines with new/clean lines, also replace the printhead and dampers. The reason for having to replace ink lines, head and dampers is due to the staining of said components, for example your 1st 3 ink slots currently have Lc, Cyan, Lm, when going to dual cmyk, those slots become Yellow, Yellow, Cyan. with the staining of the lines, the output of that 1st channel would be light green, 2nd channel would be green, 3rd channel would be light purple, and on down the ink line. While most of the old ink can be removed with cleaner, I can see the difference in the output colors when comparing a printer that was originally setup for dual cmyk vs one that was converted.

Just my .02