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Need Help Roland VS-640 Profiles for Fiery XF


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Hi Guys, First of all, please forgive my ignorance or stupidity if I'm going about this the wrong way.

Background - We've had a VS-640 since brand new and have always used Versaworks. 1 year ago we brought in a Vutek GS2000LX Pro and it came with Fiery XF and a license for an additional printer. We've had countless jobs that have transparencies issues in Versaworks so we've almost defaulted to rasterizing every job before sending it to Versaworks but I really want to control the Roland with Fiery so we can unify everything in Command Workstation (along with our digital presses that run on Fiery).

My problem - My pressman has said that its taken him 6 hours to create the first profile and he's still having issues with ink coverage. He has received some training from EFI on how to create so I know he's making the effort but I also know that we have tons of profiles already in Versaworks and that there are tons available to download online, mainly Orafol / Avery / 3M websites. The weird thing is that they seem to have profiles for all other Rips except Fiery.

My question - Is there a way we can import profiles that we can get for Wasatch, VersaWorks, Onyx, etc? Or is it just mandatory that we create profiles from scratch for all materials that would run on the VS-640?

TLDR - Can we import other Rip software profiles in to Fiery XF?

I've also posted this in to Rip Software & Colour Management so please let me know if thats not alright.

Any help would be appreciated!