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Roland vs. Gerber cut quality?

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
This is in no way a swipe at the Roland plotter I have... once it was up & running I began to use it almost constantly.

What I've noticed is a very major difference in how it cuts circular areas of letters. While the Gerber plotter is entirely smooth on these cuts, the Roland produces very obvious flat spots and absolutely wrong looking and incostistent cuts on the same letters - like two "O"s side by side.

I use it with Omega and FreeHand. Is there some setting I'm not aware of that may be the culprit? On a few larger letters, I've had to scrap the Roland results and go to the Gerber plotter.


New Member
If they stored it with pinch rollers down/engaged they can become flat in spots & therefore not move corectly at times are you converting to curves befor cutting ? watch the movement carefully & see if you notice hesitation in movement.


New Member
has nothing to do with the ROLAND or gerber...it has to do with FONTS...most gerber fonts are like type 1 fonts, well most tt fonts are not as good. if you plot a type 1 font cursive to both they will cut the same. give either a TT font and it will cut the same.
look what you pay for geber fonts..........as to many TT fonts that come with PRINT SHOP or such programs.


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I had that problem years ago when I bought my machine. I was using illustrator to cut from. As soon as I started using flexi I never had the problem again