Roland XC-540 cutting error

E Coloney

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Using print and cut later as opposed to print and cut (now). Cut contour is off by 2+ mm but checks out fine when calibrating it. I just don't get it. Help!!


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A/I always put 3 horizontal lines (i use the lines on the front of the machine where the vnyl is on) on both sides with a pen before i start printing.
Afterwards when i put the vinyl back in the printer I make sure the lines match, so i am certain that the vinyl is in the same position as it was when starting printing.
Then i positon the cuthead to the mark genereated by the software.
When doing so this has helped me in cutting afterwards.

B/ Only adjust in the job in the ripsoftware from print to cut (do not change any other settings. So do not touch button Get Media Width or any other buttons).

E Coloney

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How are you calibrating it?
Calibrate using Roland Service Notes for XC-540 (number at bottom: 70031-14), section 4-10 Crop-Cut Adjustment. This is pretty much spot on but when I use the print/cut with crop marks on an actual project the cut is more than 2mm skewed.
Appreciate your reply.