Roland xc540 & 745ex questions

El Barto

New Member
We have a SC-540 that we're quite happy with. We're looking to get a second unit, most likely a 745ex. A couple of quick questions:

They now offer the advanced take-up system for the 745. This should be the same one as on the xc-540. Is this system better at tracking straight than the old add-on from the sc-540? The old one really blew.

One of the main interests we have in the 745 is running 3' banners side by side. With 73" material, is this a problem? On our 540, the material would drift with usage. I'm not sure how improved the tracking is on print only units.

Lastly, I'm a firm believer in Ultra-banner material, but they don't make it in 73 or 74 inch. What's comparable in >72" material?

Any other thoughts/concerns re. the 745ex?

Thanks for any input.