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Question Roland XC540 getting stuck on cleaning mode upon bootup...


New Member
Trying to reset my Roland XC540 printer after a light crash: After attempting the limit initialization procedure, (I got error 1010) the machine now simply reads "cleaning", drops the caps down, and slowly beeps. No other commands register on the keyboard, and if I shut it down at the panel, it restarts on its own and goes immediately back to that state. I have tried this with the cover both open and closed, I have rested the machine unplugged for a few hours, all to no avail. My guess is there is a sensor tripped somewhere or something is out of place causing this. Any idea what might cause this behavior, and or how to reset it?


New Member
Hello. Have U got a solution on your problem. I got the samt one and can't find out what to do.
// Nicklas