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Roland XF-640 only measuring full width?


New Member
Have had this roland for about 3 years now and only recently have been having this problem. When doing the media setup, it seems to be measuring the full width of the possible media at 63.5 and not the actual media size loaded in the machine. We've been getting by with just using the rip to set it to the right area to print so its not like its a deal breaker, it just would be nice to get it back to normal at this point. Any help or ideas are much appreciated. Vander J, hoping you have an idea!!! haha thank all!


New Member
You're probably going to need a tech to come in and check out your Paper Side Sensor. Probably needs cleaning or voltage adjustment.

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
Have you cleaned the ink off of the shiny mylar strip? If there is ink overspray on the strip the printer will think that there's media all the way across. Let us know if this works.

Good Luck,