Roland XJ 740 Creating Droplets of Ink


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Our Roland XJ740 has recently been putting tiny droplets of ink on prints. All heads check out - no deflections, very clean. Seems to spatter ink more on heavier banner material. We have noticed little fibers from the edges of banner material building up a little bit on the carriage, blades, etc. Never had this problem before, and we have been using the same banner materials for years. Any ideas?


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Singe the edge of your banner roll with a flame to burn them off... Clean your printer including the wipers, scraper, captops and heads.


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Fine reply. If fibers touch the printhead, the ink moves under the head and the result is that the ink is no longer in front of nozzles. When the head try to print, the ink is not projeted verticaly and you obtain this kind of problem.

there is another reason of this issue but this is one of them.