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Roland xr-640 and Versaworks Duel Custom Cut question.


New Member
I am new to printing and this printer and having some problems. I have a bunch of decals that i would like to print - lam -cut.
First time i set a 8 foot x 54" piece through to print laminated and the cut lines were off toward the end of the run.
second try I made it 54" x 30" and and the first row cut fine and every row after were about 1/16 inch off on the feed.
third, fourth, fifth, sixth time. I tried the custom cut with 54" wide x 28" length. set it up for 3 pages. first time it worked the rest of the time it will cut the first page fine, find the 1st registration mark on the second page and when it goes to fine the other mark it just jumps left, right, forward, back, goes about 24" of the 54" inch wide and then feeds out to find the marks on the bottom of the page and they are not there because it is about 30 inches off on the width.

I am not sure if this is the problem. If I print a 3' x 8' banner or box it will print 36" wide exactly but it is about an inch short over 8' is this normal?