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ROLAND XR-640 Top cap replace


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
Roland sends me legal notices when I send them to people but you can find them all over the internet and this site. Do a search and you should find some posts of people who give them out.

Changing the cap top is pretty straight forward. I believe that model has a tiny spring towards the front. You want to take that off first if it is there. Then just push down on the right side of the cap and then wiggle and pull up and to the left. This will unlock the cap. Disconnect the tubes and reverse with the new cap.


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Always think twice before you do. If the printer is still under warranty, by changing any parts on it, printer manufacturer can void your existing printer warranty. We have a customer who changed head cable by themself. Printer was under warranty. Say good bye to the entire warranty. Customer paid a $7,000 repair out of their own pocket. VanderJ is great offering help but with a little precaution always come handy.