roll holder location


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What location height wise on the roll holder on a fc7000-75 do most use with as little jerk and smoothest cutting. I believe there are 4 possible locations. have been using the second down from top and experience occasional reload media errors because of jerking. I try to pre feed material but sometimes forget or get busy mid cut any advice would be appreciated :thankyou: Doug


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Must always prefeed enough not to jerk the motor on any plotter !

Tough to remember, but after a few dozen yards of vinyl, you'll remember !


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I've got mine at the top on the rear of the machine.
Still need to pre-feed the roll though - no way out of that.

I'm considering swapping over to front loading so it's easier to load & unload a roll and also easy to manually unwind by hand rather than using the keypad.
Anyone out there using front load? Good or bad?