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rookie question about Corel 9.0


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Can anyone tell me if when you make a selection in Corel 9.0, you make the lines a different color? It's hard to tell what you've got selected when only the nodes are showing up. (example: text with multiple outlines)

In Omega where I typically work, selected lines show up as Blue and non-selected show up as Black. Makes it easy to see. I'm sure Corel has such a function but haven't been able to locate it yet.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
As far as I know, Corel doesn't highlight selected objects by changing their outline color. It just gives you a bounding box around the object with an x in the middle. But if all your objects have fills assigned to them just select an object and look at the bottom right of the screen. There are two little rectangles that show the fill color and the outline color of the object selected. If you're working with objects that have no fill, you just have to zoom in a little closer, I guess...that's what I do. Also, if you have multiple objects on screen you can select one and then hit the tab key...it will select another object. If you keep hitting tab it will toggle through all the objects in the drawing. It does this in the order that the objects were created.


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Thanks, LTHW. I thought maybe it's just because I have an older version of Corel. I'll continue to play with it.


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In Draw 9
Ctrl J (user prefs) > Workspace > Display > Check "Highlight outline for Selected objects"

Not the greatest, but it works.

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once you have picked them change the line color of the Item so it stays that way till u get ready to cut then box & change to black


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zoom in on the lines and click on one.. go to your color pallet and right click any color and it will change the out line color of that line so you can tell it apart from the others.