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Rounding corners


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Just bought Corel 12, no more Corel 9, yeahhhhhh.

When making a square/rectangle how do I round the corners.



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In version 9, if you have the rectangle selected there is a corner rounder on the toolbar . It is 4 little corners with up/down arrows.

If version 12 doesn't have that, just click on HELP, then HELP TOPICS, and type in 'round' in the search box and you should be able to get step by step directions that way.



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have to use the shape tool (F10)
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The quirk with Corel Draw is that if you transform the rectangle (stretch it afterit's in position) the corners won't round proportionately.

To fix this problem:
1. Draw a rectangle and stretch it into the position and size you want.
2. Turn on "snap to objects" (ctrl+J, workplace, snap to objects)
3. Draw another rectangle in the same position as the last.
4. While the new rectangle is still highlighted, hit "ctrl + page down" to send it to the back.
5. Click away from the objects to deselect all objects
6. Highlight the first rectangle and delete.
7. Highlight the new rectangle and continue with corner rounding, the new rectangles corners will be rounded evenly.