routed label needed


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can i get a quote or two on this... it's red with white routed letters, 1" tall by 4" wide. i'm not familiar with the material or how thick it is, but i've seen them like this before. plastic, not really thick, ya know? what's the plastic material called anyway? i have an EPS file that i can send.

any help would be great!!

thank you!!!

oh yeah, i'm in Mattapoisett, MA 02739 also... not sure if this can just be stuck in the mail b/c it's small and light weight.



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I think you mean engraved. If that's what you're looking for, its a laminated material, white with a thin layer of red on the front. the red is removed, either by a rotary engraver(which is like a router) or a laser engraver. We can do either one for you for about $7.50 ea. Let me know if you want us to help


P.S. no problem to drop in the mail!