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Router or Laser Cutter


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What is the best method for determining whether to purchase a router or laser cutter? Is there a list of side by side capabilities that will help me rationalize the decision.




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Router can do raster Braille ADA Laser can't so it depends on what you want to do with the equipment! the laser is great for other applications


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In my own opinion....

go with router 1st. I think you would turn a profit much fast with a CNC router than a laser at the out set. though the learning curve may be a "bit" longer. Even if your not selling router cut items specifically, it will help your shop be more efficient. i.e. cutting sign shapes/profiles, lots a repeat parts, cleaner more accurate cuts etc.) Which will turn into Higher quality, faster turn over, faster payment.

Then once you've made a nice chuck of change, you can quickly pay off the router. or go get the laser and get into the custom gift biz...

Good Luck!


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A Laser actually can be used for ADA Signage, but it requires a lot of calibration at the beginning. The general consensus is to consider a Rotary first. They're usually cheaper and are good for determining if you will need a laser system down the line based on demand. OADesign is correct about the Signage Use. One completely unrelated point, I recently saw a Roland Rep demonstrate a garment application for their EGX line. They were using an EGX-300 for building "Rhinestone Templates". (sorry, chasing a rabbit)


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Cnc Routing Egx-300

I am trying to do a simple 2D engraving job which I have been medling to get the best suitable result for quite some time now. The problem I have with the software that came with my Roland CNC EGX-300 is that is limited in some cases. In order to do a brass or aluminium block for hotfoil printing I have to use the 3D engraving software so that I do not loose from the printing surface. I bought carbite cutters with an angle of 20 degree for profiling and around .4mm thick, and I would like to go to a depth of about .9mm.
I have tried soft material first like plastic which is used for signs so I do not break the cutting tools since I do not have that long experience in the cnc area.
It seems though that the router first starts cutting deep into the material and then start upward to the surface. I want the procedure to be the opposite, cutting various times downwards especially when I will be using brass or aluminium. Anyone can help me with this task?
Thank you in advance.