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Routing Gatorboard


New Member
Have any of you ever cut Gatorboard on a cnc? Being that it has a paper face I was just wondering if it will cut it or rip it and leave a torn edge. If any of you have done this what feed rate & spindle speed did you use? I think I will go ahead and try it and see what happens, but any advice would be welcome! Thanks



New Member
I dont believe its paper but it used to be a huge problem for me to cut. Now i use a .25 spiral o with 1.5 of cutting length. I set it at 70 feed rate 50 plunge and 17000 rpm's and it cuts like butter with one pass. Just make sure that you go all the way through the material.
One more important thing on Gatorfoam. When you cut it with a single flute spiral O bit, the direction in which you cut go is counter clockwise (conventional? That the name, I forget) you will get a better edge than going clockwise. Brainfart right now on the name