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Routing Trail / Outdoor Trex Style Sign Material


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Hey guys I am looking for Trex style material used to make outdoor trail and park signs.
I cant seem to find sheets or 4x4 post. Also I have heard stories of trex not accepting paint very well
or that once the inside is exposed after carving the material is not waterproof.

Any suggestions? I have a customer looking to replace existing signs made out of a similar
material. I would assume it is more expensive the just doing a solid core ACM panel.
If I can sway them to a suitable or better product I will.

What is the benefit or purpose of using this type of material?



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Trex is PVC and takes paint very easily. The current material is ColorCore and has the benefit of being a 1 step process.

You can buy PVC sheets from literally any sign supply company. You can also buy trim boards from Home Depot and Lowes.


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rossmosh thank you for the reference to ColorCore. I see Harbor is a supplier.
I checked the specs of ColorCore and the only downside is that the material can not be painted.
But I will defiantly give the customer this option.

I assume if the carved lettering needs to be different colors
I would need to use a thick pvc panel to resist warping and
mask/paint the lettering.
+1 for color core. No need to paint. The paint won't last as long as the color core material. Order in your colors and base color. Route the panel and you are done.


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You'll need to check with the parks service you're dealing with. If it's a City or County entity, there is more than likely a spec for color that they need to stick to. That will determine what you can use in terms of whether they are going to want it painted, carved or both. With the park service I work with, we have it down to a science now with the spec for color and material in most cases.


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Trex is made from recycled materials, wood, plastic etc.

It is not PVC

You're absolutely right. I confused Trex and Azek.

Regardless, either .75" or 1" PVC is one of the better materials for this kind of job if Color Core won't work.