Need Help Royal Sovereign Banner Welder parts source needed

We have a RBW-1500 and need some new sealing belts (teflon coated fiberglass). Anybody have a source for them or any vendors that stock parts?

I have called RS several days in a row and left a voicemail and no response, can't say I'm surprised.

I did find a belt matching the dimensions and might have to give that a try from this website:
Part # 8A952-79-4289 Generic Belt PTFE

As always, any help is appreciated!
A few things for the record, our reseller got me a contact at RS who responded to a voicemail promptly and got my parts on the way ( thanks Carl! ).

If anyone else is curious the RBW-1500 and RBW1500S do in fact use different belts as the S model has 1/8" wider weld. The belts were only like $11 each which surprised me.