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Royal Sovereign Laminator shutting off randomly....


New Member
We have a Royal Sovereign RSC 1650C cold laminator that has been randomly shutting off while running and it has ruined a few prints by doing this. It only seems to do this when it is under a load, but this has never been a problem up to this point. If the speed setting is on, say, 4, it turns off completely in the middle of laminating. When the operator starts it again, the speed goes back to 1. Any idea what might be causing this?


New Member
You can take the side covers off our Royal Sovereign fairly easily. There are a number of screws on the inside walls. Not all of them need to come off to remove the caps though. Once you have the caps off you can look for for loose connections or wires. First place I would look would be the lines for the emergency kill switch buttons.


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Is the source vinyl being fed in smoothly without any buckles?
Could be one of the laser sensors getting tripped and shutting it down.


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Older RS laminators always had Waaaaay too many safety switches. I was forever getting ragged at for bypassing them to get jobs done. In my opinion, go back to your salesman and give them the what for, for the problem. Chances are, they have a fix for it.