royal sovereign value?


I want to use my Daige as a prawn trap anchor and there is a Royal Sovereign RSC 1400c listed in an upcoming equipment auction. Anybody here have a rough guess as to value, or what to look for in a used machine? Is this a decent laminator for pairing with my sp300? It's gotta be a step up from the Daige, which I think must stand for Damages All Ingoing Graphics Everytime.


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Have you checked Ebay? There a lots to choose from!
Single pressure adjustment is nice.
Foot pedal is great to have.
Front roller for media or kraft paper is nice.
Electric auto rewind for backing paper is nice.

Kentucky Wraps

Kentucky Wraps
I love my Royal Sovereign. I use my Daige for mounting graphics to substrate now...and that's it. Haven't tried the new and improved Solo or whatever they branded it as. They aren't even in the same ballpark if you ask me...a step up is an understatement. But definately spring for the takeup system if you can.


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Royal Sovereign works good for us but has some quirks. The tension screws inside the housing can work their way loose and cause issues (uneven pressure on the rollers). But for the most part it's a good machine that has served us well.


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We have a RSS 1050n. I guess that's the model. Has a foot pedal, can do both hot/cold , but doesn't have the take up reel.

We use it to lam and apply vinyl to substrate.

Only problem we're having is a miss in it. I think one of the gears is either worn or missing. Sometimes it jumps when running. You have to pull on the material a little to get past the miss. I think we did it, but couldn't get our former employee to fess up.