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are you using just 100% black or is every color (IE cyan, yellow, magenta, black) printing all at 100% also?

did that solve your problem?


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I have a Falcon Outdoor 46 in and I am having a problem with my blacks. It is like they are puddles of black!!! HELP!!:Oops:
I have a problem when printing a Black when it's made in RGB. 100% Black will not give you a real black, so I use c30 m30 y30 k100 and it usually does a good job. If they are bitmaps try converting them to cmyk before printing.


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Black Running

Just wanted to say thanks to Graphics2U... Great color black. Prints VERY NICE, with no puddle.

I was having trouble once it got to the take up real, it wasn't dry and was sticking to the paper.

Thanks again.