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Runtime Error! production manager won't open

Mark L

New Member
I was printing a job to my printer and haft way through it stopped and production manager was frozen. so I tried to re open it Now I get
Runtime Error!
abnormal program termination.
I've tried rebooting, restoring, and customer service but it is saturday so (well you know)
Has anyone have this problem before? I think I'm at the point to reinstall the program, but I'm open to suggestions.
Since I have upgraded to 7.6 via the internet, I'm now sure if I have the disc for that.
Thanks in advance.
of course I have a job to have done by 7:30 monday morning, this kind of stuff never happens when I'm slow.


New Member
Also, do you go thru a print or rip server or do you send directly from your machine to the printer.
Production Manager Lock-Up

The solution is to close FlexiSIGN as well as all other programs except Windows itself. Next, click Start > Programs > FlexiSIGN...> Clear Preferences (or Preferences Manager in Flexi 8). Click OK to confirm the operation.

Next, launch Production Manager, either from the desktop icon or in the manner described above (substitute PM for Clear Preferences). You will need to re-define your plotters and/ or printers here. Then you should be good to go.


Mark L

New Member
Thanks guys,
I had to have my printer on to show the eee firewire port
I am now printing again