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sabre408 not working HELP!!


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Hello everyone,
I havent been able to vistit the site for a while.been distracted by work and more outside remodeling of our building.i should be able to visit more often now.Back to the problem.I have a sabre 408 router table and never had a problem with it in 6 years.now the table will not orient.It sounds like one of the brass bearings has gone bad.it makes an ugly grinding noise.Has anyone ever had that part go bad.the underside screw drive seem to be working fine.
I can not get it to move more than an inch or less before the error box comes up.:help:



Bob Gilliland

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No new news; grinding is not good!

For not only me, but others that may read this, could you verify the following?

You power everything up, the system goes through its power on self test (POST) and the keyboard scrolls various bits of information (Copyright, Rev Level, etc.) and then displays “Orient System”. You then attempt to home it, moving everything towards you and to the left (if standing in front of the machine). After moving ~1”, you get an error display; is this correct?

Are you attempting to move both the X and Y axis at the same time to orient; or just one at a time? Can you move the armature back and to the right before powering up the machine (this takes a little effort to make it happen)?

The Y axis (F-B) being fine (my interpretation from your description) and moving less then an inch before error display (my guess is towards the left), it probably has something to do with the X axis (L-R) limit switch or physical obstruction and not related to the Z axis (U-D). If that is the case, my guess at this juncture is an "X Axis" display, is this correct?

No matter if it’s X, Y, or Z Axis error, they are all about the same from a trouble shooting perspective. Limit switches are most often the culprit in these circumstances, either they have gone bad (naturally, or with assistance from being hit or other contact issues) or a wire/connection comes loose (usually the case). With the grinding noise, I’m more inclined to say it is a physical or mechanical obstruction as opposed to a faulty limit switch.

If you could verify the process and then provide some information requested, I’ll attempt to answer more pointedly. Limit switch testing and replacement is not very involved or difficult. :biggrin: Bearing replacement isn’t the end of the world; however, it’s not the cake walk that limit switch replacement is. :rolleyes: If you wouldn’t mind, please PM me your phone number as well (and contact hours). It may be more advantageous and productive to talk this out, then provide a follow-up post for the benefit of others.

If the error is not simply “X Axis” (or Y/Z for that matter), but rather “Fault In X Axis” or “X Encoder/Motor”, things become a little more interesting.


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more info on router


here is a little more info on the problem.I believe that the problem lies within the bearings but i am not positive.when I power up the machine and try to orient the machine the errror comes up X axis error. after restarting the table several times i can get the arm to orient.(the arm is at the front of the table and only has a couple of inches to travel.Once oriented i can move the motor left and right but the second i try to move it back along the table rails i get the bad grinding noise and the error box again.I have been tring to isolate the noise to one of the bearings but cannot make the arm travel far enough to make a good guess. I have had obstructions in the past that have gotten caught inbetween the rail and arm before causing the same problem.I cannot find any thing blocking of cloging the bearings.Is changing the bearings some thing that i can do myself??The table has alot of jobs coming up and i cannot afford to have it down for any legnth of time??

I have had alot of software issues in the past but never had a problem with the hardware in the six years of owning the sabre.should i look forward to more??

Bob i will pm you my phone # and hours today.I really apprecate the help and advise,I am not looking forword to calling midwest supply(Who sold us the table) they have not been much help with any of my problems.


Brian Adams

dennis j

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Hi Brian,
I have not had to deal with bearings on my 408 yet but looking at the machine I would not be afraid to try it. It seems like when the Tech set us up he told me that it wasn't to bad of a job.


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router problem fixed

I was able to fix the router finally,but it was not cheap.after talking with Bob we were able to determine that the bearings were not the problem.They were easy to pull out and clean though.I needed a new Y axis lead screw.Bob warned me it would not be cheap.He was right the part was $1680.00 and i needed it shiped next day air.Install of the part was not that bad and took only a couple of hours.Gerber told me that lead screws going bad is a common problem and part of matainance for the router.Has any one else ever had to change this part before and how often?
Thanks Bob for all your help.I learned alot about the mechanical parts of the table.You were right it is all pretty simple.:thumb: