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Sallmetall laminator pressure issue

jono Shaw

New Member
Hi all,
Recommended to this forum by a friend and must say I’m massively impressed with the depth of knowledge available here. Learned much already!

Back on point though, I have an old sallmetall hot laminator (1995 to be precise) that’s been used as a backup for a long time. Despite the age its always been bang on, until we moved units recently.
I’m guessing it’s taken a knock in the van when being transported as the pressure indicators on front and back rollers are both constantly showing 100% even when rollers aren’t touching. I’ve taken off the side casing and there are what looks like two relays (one for front and one for back roller) that sit next to the laser receiver relays (again one for front and one for back) both showing red lights. Could there be one fuse or switch where these are joined that has failed when knocked? And does anybody know a way to bypass it?
Usually I’d look at investing in another but on the rare occasions we need to mount something over 54” or when the other is being serviced it really isn’t worth it unless absolutely necessary