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Howdy all.

New here.

Been in the sandblasting industry for going on 4 years now.
I actually have been involved in selling sandblast equipment, so I know quite a bit.
  • Blast cabinets
    • Pressure & Suction
    • Automatic & Manual
      • which brands are not desirable & why.
      • What Brands are the best for your application
        1. ABS
        2. Blast-It-All
        3. Empire
        4. Trinco
        5. Universal
        6. Vacublast
        7. Zero/Clemco
        8. Others...
  • walk-in blast rooms
  • nozzles
  • blast hose
  • respirators
  • safety equipment
  • abrasives
  • OSHA Rules & Regulations
  • FREE SILICA & the problems it can cause.
I'm not saying I know it all. I don't. I learn more every day.
Need help, advice, or technical support?
Just ask. If I can help you, I certainly will.

If I do not know the answer, I will do research and get it for you ASAP.



NOTE: Do any of you "sign guys" offer stenciling? Which is best for engraving?
  1. Green
  2. Tan
  3. Other?
Please advise...


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What sort of investment would a person be looking at to get set up with a sandblast mobile unit ( probably on a trailor ) that could go on site and blast a stencil onto something like a stone marker at the end of a drive way. I realize there is a big jump in size, cfm/psi capabilities from a unit like that and something that was used to etch glass or blast wood. Probably would look at second hand equip. first....There seems to be a trend starting here of people doing stuff like that. I think they are using the monument companys though, and I,ve talked to two of them and neither wanted to divulge any information....
I have done a few wood sand blast and always hand cut mask because it was too heavy to go through a plotter/cutter. It's been years and I don't remember specifics on it. There is a Hartco brand sold today #535 advertised for monument industry that supposedly can be machine cut w/ a 60 degree blade and 440 gr. downforce.It sounds like what I might use or what you might use. I have read in articles that a double layer may be needed. It also says 120 psi. I thought it took more for stone .I guess it also depends on what type of stone........imaSIGNr


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These are just ball park figures, but should be relatively close...

A "Brand New", Deluxe, 6.5 Cu. Ft., Portable Schmidt Sandblast Pot (Which is the best on the market today) with a Normally closed grit valve, manual blowdown, a pressure regulator, lid, screen, would run about $ 4000.00.
If you plan on engraving glass, it is necessary to mount a regulator on the pot so adjust the blast pressure, but still supply the valves with 80psi which is what most require to operate properly.
(This sandblast pot is not trailer mounted. You don't need something that large or expensive... It is portable, however & easy to load into the bed of a truck or on a trailer.)
Air Fed Blast Hood & Breathing Air Setup = $ 800.00
Breathing Off Of A Portable Compressor (Does NOT Include The CO Monitor, which I would recommend having)
CO Monitor = About $ 1,200
Media Ranges In Price... (This pot will hold about 400 Lbs of blast media.)
50 Ft Blast Hose, Nozzle, 50 Ft Air Hose, Etc = About $ 500.00
Do you have a compressor? I can help you here also if you like...
You should be able to get a used 185CFM Compressor in descent shape for between $ 4,900 & $ 9,000 dollars (depending on age & hours...)

Hope this helps. Get back to me if you have any questions or if I can do anything else for you please.

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