Save on Digital Art and Help Al Checca

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Here's a special offer that will put some great digital art in your toolbox and also help our friend Al Checca at the same time:

Purchase any Plotter Art™ collections and save 20% at checkout. 50% of all proceeds after discount will be donated to the Alan Checca NTAF Mid-Atlantic Kidney Transplant Fund. This offer supersedes any other offer, does not apply to shipping costs and ends on August 31, 2010.

This offer applies to all Plotter Art™ single collections and value bundles. Just order using the shopping cart in our online store and enter coupon code PA20AC at checkout. Anyone preferring not to order online may call toll-free 1-800 330-4488 during normal business hours to place an order.

All of the Plotter Art™ collections are described and displayed at our website. Here's a link to the Home page and here's a link to the online store.


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