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Saving to older version


New Member
I have an cs11 file 6.7mb when trying to export or save as v 8 the file size becomes 667mb. When opening the new file white boxes behind the text and images. Any help would be appreciated

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
Illustrator 8 format does not support many of the "live" effects and transaparancy effects featured in Illustrator versions 10 or later.

One possible work-around might be saving the file as a PDF. That may help on reducing the huge file size associated with trying to save any raster based content.

Outside of that, I would try saving the vector portions only of the document in legacy Illustrator 8 format and place the other raster-based stuff separately in whatever other application you're wanting to use for importing the artwork.


New Member
Thanks that is what we had to do break the art work into the vectored pieces and recreate. thanks againmike