Scam or not


I got an e-mail that reads "Your payment processor pays for your annual PCI services. All you have to do to renew your
service is login to your SecurityMetrics account. "

It has a link to a site, and it wants me to register and log in. I never heard of this place, my credit card people call me when I need to update the ware in the terminal, then they walk me through how to do it on my terminal myself. Any fees come out automatically I thought. I think it may be scam, and deleted it.

Also in the e-mail it said to have all this information ready....

John Butto

New Member
never use your email

I hope you did not go from the link on your email to the site because that is the one firewall than can be breached.


No, I used my hotmail e-mail and sent them a mesage from "Punjab's Snack Shack" the owner Punjab Deekslobber, was looking for card is a game I play with these types.