Scammer is still at it


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After all these years Harlan Hales (harlan***7@g****.com) is still trying to scam businesses.

Source email:

From: Harlan Hales
Subject: order

Message Body:
Good day,

My name is Harlan Hales. I would like to place an order on Vinyl banners.

size: 32" x 60" Finished
Qty 200
13oz. scrim banner

There should be 8 grommets 4 in the top and 4 in the bottom. Also let me know the form of Payment you Accept, as well as if I am making this order with the Manager or Owner. What's the eta on how long it will take to be ready once I make payment? I will be awaiting your response back the soonest.

Thank You.
Harlan Hales


Have a nice day! - Signguy45212