Scan Code Error Code:0010 0010


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I have a Roland SP-540i that is a couple years old and in great shape.
Saturday towards the end of a run (barely 0.25" left to print) I get the Scan Code Error. (No material jam or anything like that)
Powered the machine off and I still get the message.
I read other posts about the error but none seemed to apply to my situation.
When I power up, the screen reads "No processing" for 5 seconds then immediately, "Motor Error" with the code.
The only way the machine will power up further is if I go into Service Mode.
However, when it tries to initiate anything in service mode, the same error comes up. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


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Switch the Printer on in Service Mode and lower the Capping (Cap&Wiper Ctrl). Then move the Head Carriage by hand to a position above the printing area. Switch the printer off and on again regularly. Now the Head Carriage should be moved back to the home position.

If the motor do not move at all, then it should be that there is something wrong with the motor or the motor drivers on the mainboard. If the Head Carriage moves back to the home position and then the motor error appears, it could be that there is something wrong with the head lock position. The head carriage locks on a pin which could have moved from its position what leads to the head carriage can't be unlocked. Then not the motor is damaged, but the head lock-position, what can be adjusted again.