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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
All the scanners have gotten to be pretty low in price. I prefer HP and currently use a Scanjet 4600 that was about $100 at Office Depot.


New Member
Love my Canon. Paid too much. Get new one with warranty and easy replacement policy. When you buy locally, you can return without cost if it is DOA. Depends on your comfort level. Sometimes Big Lots and CostCo have cheap (good and cheap) scanners for $50.00. Careful, some close-out scanners are not XP compatible - if you have current OS.

I had a real nice Visioneer but when changed to XP found that mfr did not support driver upgrade to XP. Wanted to sell new scanners, not spend money on tech support. Can't blame them.

www.pricegrabber.com lotsa scanner deals! 4 cheap!

HP $49.95

www.pricetool.com scanners from $44.00

Nextag.com, pricegrabber.com, pricewatch.com, mysimon.com, tigerdirect.com, amazon.com, newegg.com,...and a jillion more price comparison sites.

google search for scanners and you'll find top shelf online sellers and you can price compare, fast! Locally at bestbuy, circuitcity, staples, office depot yadayadayada

I bought my Canon on E-bay without enough research, was in a hurry as job was ON DEADLINE! Used BUY NOW feature, paid with PayPal, arrived 2 days! Wonderful shock and awe! Here's the I am dumb - funny. It came from Amazon.com. This guy, found an underpriced scanner on Amazon.com, posted it on E-bay, marked it up $20.00 for BUY NOW, paid Amazon.com with his CC, drop shipped to me. Now I know how people make money on E-Bay.



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I've been using a HP 5370 ... Just yesterday one of my customers (a photographer) brought me his HP 5400c .. scans up to 2400dpi :thumb: .. cant wait to try it. I got it for a 100$ trade for digital prints :Big Laugh


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Also have the cheap Cannon, but its great. Just make sure you also search for a scanner profile for your scanner so it will print what you scan.


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I am actually using and old ACER 620U scanner a friend was giving away. He has to have state of the art, I was happy to take his toss out. Been using it for about 4-5 eyars now.


Si Allen

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BEWARE of HP Scanners....unless your 'puter is a HP! Wonderful scanners.... but....their software suxx! Many people have had nitmares with them messing up other programs!

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I use three scanners. At the office, we have a fairly inexpensive UMAX Astra 2200. It works fine for scanning in line art and stuff like that. At home, I use two units. My newer desktop has an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo attached via Firewire. My old SCSI-based Dual PII 400MHz museum piece PC has a pricey Linotype-Hell Saphir2 scanner attached. The scanner is the only reason I keep that system alive. The $1100 Saphir2 is old but still captures really good quality color, better than a lot of newer scanners I see.

Still, I'd like to get something better. The next expensive scanner I'll buy will likely have an internal scanning bed without glass for capturing negatives and chromes. Newton rings can be a real pain when you're scanning through a pane of glass.