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Scanning / tracing


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What is the trick for getting hand-drawn scans into Corel and then getting a good trace? I've messed around with the settings and it still seems to require a crapload of cleanup to get what I want. Maybe I'm being too picky. The original is in pencil, should I go over it in pen and erase the pencil? Also, I'd really like it to just be the centerlines, but when I choose that option it creates upwards of 20,000 objects (not nodes, objects) as opposed to around 150 for an outline. This is the first thing I've tried to hand-draw and then get into Corel, so any tips would sure help. Thanks.


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I'm a streamline user, but what i do is my final artwork to be scanned is done with a fine tip felt marker on glossy paper (so the ink wont run or give a fuzzy edge).Placed over top of a preliminary pencil drawing on a light table.

Sometimes i even go as far as hand cut the artwork with amber film using an exacto knife to get as clean a scan possible. We used to do that allot 10-15 years ago.

Then its up to you and using the proper settings to get a decent result.


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You can also trace your artwork onto a vellum paper. I use sharpies with varying tip sizes to add details and so it doesn't look like it was traced with marker. What ever you trace your art onto make sure that the paper doesn't let the marker bleed. Then scan and auto trace, I also prefer Srtreamline. There maybe something better but I guess I'm a creature of habit.

If you want to trace directly from your pencils, which may give you a look your going for, try this. Scan as a grayscale image your art and open it in Photoshop. If you don't have it this is a must have tool IMO. Then adjust the levels until you have the amount of detail you want. Then convert the file to a 50% threshold bitmap and save it as a tif file. Now you have a traceable file for Streamline. I did a series of fish once that came out really nice for some scrrening work.


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If your scan is a bitmap what I usually do is.

1)Use the magic wand tool to select all of the area outside the desired object and then fill it with some color (just for refrence)

2)Invert the selection

3)Trace what you now have selected

4)Then if I have an absurd amount of nodes i do the auto node cleanup (looks like a hand holding a rubber band) at around 2-4%

Hope thats on the right track for what your doing,



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Have you been using ocr-trace in corel, if not maybe you should it's easier than hand tracing