Secondhand Mutoh SC650


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Just acquired (for free) a Mutoh SC650 from my two brothers who have replaced it with a Graphtec machine. I have scrubbed it up and downloaded the manual from Mutoh and think it's going to work OK. It was working fine before my kid brother's upgraded their PC to XP and I think the software or drivers stopped working. I run Mac OS X and have downloaded SignCut which I hope will do what I need (for now), I have ordered a KeySpan USB to serial adaptor and should hopefully be up and running shortly.

My queries are

a. Does anyone in the forum use SignCut (better still with Mac OS X)

b. Is anyone with a SC650 willing to help me get the thing going (it's been sat idle for about six months). Things like setting up the knives, etc.

Thanks in advance



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Hi There,

I am currently in your situation. I have the Gerber version, and I am mostly on mac osx. Did you ever get it to work? I'd love to hear about it...Thanks.


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I have software for Mutoh, but only for Windows OS

I have software for Mutoh, but only for Windows OS


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It looks like sign lab should work with it, but I have not been able to get the printer to go "ONLINE" with the DB25 to RS232 to USB adapter...Now I am wondering if anyone is still using a Gerber Fastrack 650...Any tips on the setup would be greatly appreciated...When I turn it on and load some vinyl the 10 percent and 30 percent LEDs flash and it does not go ONLINE. Not sure if it has a problem...


the Keyspan usb to serial is by far the best. aftermarket ones have given me grief. If you're trying to run a serial device on usb, get a keyspan. otherwise install a serial card.