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Security system and cameras


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Looking for a good quality diy camera system and alarm. For sure cameras. Only have a service door and overhead door. No windows.


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What do you want to be able to do with the system? Do you want to be able to view the cameras on your phone from anywhere? Do you want the alarm to be monitored by a company, or just send you a text?


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Want to watch printer when not in shop. Also watch front door when I am in back of shop. Alarm. Pretty much send me notification. Saw the cameras can send me notification when motion is detected. Also would be nice to have door beep when opened and closed.


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We use this Samsung system (one like it but a previous model). It uses WiseNet app which has been mostly reliable. The system holds up to 8 cameras and can do the whole motion detection and alarm. I can watch someone load the printer and make sure everything is printing like it's supposed to from my phone or desktop.

As for our alarm, we use a local company that uses Alarm.com for mobile monitoring. We're also looking into a DIY monitoring system without the stupid contracts.
Look at Wyze Cam for your cameras. $20 ea, free cloud storage, fee app to view feeds, great quality video and also has audio. Can also do motion alerts to your phone. We've been pretty happy with SimpliSafe for the alarm. You buy the equipment, then $20 a month for monitoring with no contract. All wireless install and uses cellular to communicate..


Just call me Chester.
If you are tech savvy, you could try Blue Iris for a recording program for your computer and pick whatever ip camera suits you the best.
The only drawback is that your computer needs to stay on for it to record.
We use an old computer as a camera server.