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Segmented Graphics with CoCut


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I just did my first sectioned/segmented graphic and seem to be missing something. When setting it up in CoCut, it asks how much overlap you want and I set it to 1/4". I also have it put a weed border. After cutting the graphic, I expected to see a cut line along the overlapping sections to represent the 1/4" overalap I specified. What I got was partially that. After studying it for a while, I determined that it did indeed add the 1/4" to one section of the graphic, but it didn't place a cut line to indicate where the 1/4" was. From the weed border, I could tell that it was 1/4" bigger, but you still have to manually trim the entire length of the graphic. Is there some setting I'm missing to accomplish this or is that just the way it is. Fortuanately, there are some breaks in the graphic to aid in lining it up, but what about if it is solid vinyl? How do you know where the 1/4" starts/stops? The example is simple, but not when it gets long and very few breaks. What am I missing here?


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i don't think you're missing anything... but maybe i am.... Why do you need a cut line at the overlap point? if i understand it right, that 1/4 inch area is going to remain in tact so you can overlap the other panel... both signmate and VMP did (do) the same thing that your describing. but, maybe i'm not understanding your question.


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The latest update of CoCut fixes this problem. It's hard to describe in words, but in the star example, the vinyl was not cut in the noted areas. Only the inner and outer lines of the star would receive a cut and then I had to manually (i.e. Xacto) cut the vinyl from endpoint to endpoint in the two location of each segment (so 4 manual cuts in this example).

Don't know if that is any clearer or not, but suffice it to say that it works properly now with one of the latest updates.