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Selecting in corel


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Ok you can drag a marquee and select every thing that is inide that marquee.
From what I understand there is a way to select everything that the marquee touches. I just can't remember how to do that. So how is that done?


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hmmm...not sure what you are wanting to do here. Why not just shift-click what you want to select or Control-A for "Select All". I have been using Corel since version 1 and I cannot rmember ever being able to do that; what you describe is how AI does it's marquee select. For me, anyways, I prefer the Corel method as it is easier to control what gets selected. Or, an alternative is to open the Object Manager and select the objects there. This comes in very handy when there are a lot of layers and groups.
Hey, thanks Trevor! I never knew you could select that way :) When do you find this a handy way to select? That is one of my big "annoyances" with AI is that it selects the way you mention; I'm so used to the standard Corel method :)

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
The Illustrator method of selecting objects (anything the marquee touches) is pretty handy when you are zoomed in tight on the artwork and/or working in wireframe view. You don't have to zoom way back out to select several objects with a swipe of the mouse or stylus.

I'm more used to the Corel method of selecting objects, but it's not difficult to adjust to the Illustrator style of things. If you accidently select an extra object a shift+click will deselect it.

One thing I do prefer in Corel over Illustrator is alignment anchor behavior. The last object shift+clicked into a group of selected objects is automatically the "anchor" for alignment. It doesn't move and other objects align on its axis. Illustrator requires you to do an extra click to define an anchor object after everything you want in a selection is selected. I think the extra click is unnecessary. But earlier versions of Illustrator didn't even have an anchor object behavior for alignment. Now that really sucked.