Send us your file, we will print with our compatible Ink


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Send us your most comfortable file, we will print and video it so you know the performance of our eco solvent ink. Most welcome to the non-third party group. Who says Roland Eco Max is the best ink? Who says only Mutoh Eco Ultra won't clog your print head? Who says SS2 is the only solution to Mimaki?

We have references for below

Mimaki JV3
Mimaki JV33
Roland SP300
Roland SP540
Roland Soljet 545
Roland Soljet 540
Mutoh Valuejet 1204
Mutoh Valuejet 1304
Mutoh Valuejet 1604
Mutoh valuejet 1614
Mutoh Valuejet 1624
Seiko 64s
Seiko 100s
Canon 8100
Canon 9100