Service call message?


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I came into my shop this morning to find my SP540i beeping, and with a "Service Call 0008" message on the display.

(I had turned the machine off at the end of the day yesterday).

Anyone know what this is?


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the google search is for a MOTOR ERROR, not a SERVICE CALL

Service Call 0008 relates to mainboard and servo board not communicating properly.


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Thanks. I turned it off, and on again, and did a test print and it's working ok.

My rep just happens to be dropping by this morning as he's in the area! Will report back as to the outcome.


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Another race-pace full day. The rep said that there didn't appear to be anything wrong (that code), and that often just turning it off and then on again will resolve it.

He directed me to the Roland site for a firmware update for the printer, which may have been the problem - a disconnect between the existing firmware and my up-to-date VersaWorks. Dana?

I did another 4' x 20' banner print today and it went ok, so......phew!


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What did you do to resolve the pinch roller tracks in the banners?
I get them once in a while on banners with the 1304 even though it has rollers all the way across the print area. They show up at the 2 joints in the lower grit roller.

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guam usa


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No resolution. You'd think that by 2012 these sorts of things would have been ironed out.


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Mine did the same thing twice last week. I heard a click sound when it was cleaning on warm up and I got the Service Call message. Turned it off again and it worked fine both times.