Service mode on sc-545?


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What is the service mode sequence for an sc-545?

I know the cap station/limiting combination is up/left/right while turning on the sub power.

Left/down/up will get you into the jet boot menu?

What is the combo for service mode? I need to adjust some sensors via the service manual. The service manual I have is for an sc-540, but won't allow me to get into the sc-545 service mode?

Any input?


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Here's my advice as I don't have that model . . .

Call your local distributor that does service and ask their tech guy for the sequence.

I'm sure he'll be happy to give it to you, knowing that when you screw something up,

you'll call him in to clean up the mess !


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Found out what I needed.

I think on this forum more people should discuss the service mode. I know it isn't for beginners, but it really can add a lot of adjustments. The adjustments aren't "that" difficult to do, but you DO need a service manual, there is no way around that.

My tech comes here, and reads the same thing I could be reading (the manual), why should I pay him when I can do it. I know he is "trained" but he isn't trained on these machines to the point of knowing how to use one. He ONLY knows how to fix it, if it is broken. If it's over his head, he calls into roland headquarters.

My fix - fix it myself. He has stripped one of the main screws on my machine and that is about the last time he will touch it. The cover may never come off because he was using the wrong size screw driver and forcing it! It will have to be drilled out. I know I should contact Roland, but I don't feel it is worth the time. He is a nice guy when I need him, but he really knows less than I do about these machines. He knows MORE because he has a book, of course. Off the top of his head, he is blank!



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Come to think of it, I know that a big discussion on the service mode would cause Roland to be up in arms.

So it is understandable that we don't discuss it among the public. This forum alone could single handedly ruin Rolands need to have service calls (via the Internet crowd).


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Make sure the Primary Power switch on the back is on. The secondary power (front panel) is off

Press in this order - UP, LEFT, RIGHT DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT

Then hold down the LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT keys and press the POWER simultaneously.

Can you please send me a copy of your service manual


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Hi every one.
Since I replaced the new pump.
Function board show: Service Call 0101.
and the cap top open. I have do cap top up in service mode to protecting print head.
Since there, every time I turn printer on it's show: Eco Max Ink SP??? then show: Service call 0101(hang up printer)

Do you know what happen & how to reset
Thanks for advice.


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Limit Position Error
Solution=Carry out Limit Position Initialize.

PS-When you changed pumps, were you upgrading to the new style pump? If so you'll need to make an adjustment to "system switch", page 12 needs to = 1

my $.02

Joey A



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Thanks GTSTech 1

I called Tech Support then fixed it 10 min. thru the phone, before I read
your info.

Thanks anyway again.


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hi i have a roland sp 300 showing the sp??? and now telling me i have a unrecoverable limit sensor ,, what is my next move? do i replace sensor or sensor and strip just in case? help


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i fixed it... i had to adjust the locking mechanism (the pate with a push pin that locks the head on the sc540) so that when the head has the * symbol during the process it will be locked by the mechanism.