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Setting "Tangential Angle" in Signlab?


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My Summa S2 started cutting poorly so I changed the knife, did a calibration on the new blade, replaced the cutting strip and switched materials...all to no avail. I was checking the settings in Signlabs plotter options and noticed that the "tangential angle" was set at 82?

I'm using Signlab 9.1 but I have Signlab 10 installed as well. I checked the "tangential angle" in Signlab 10 and it was 70, so I changed the Tangential angle in Signlab 9.1 to 70 and the cut was excellent. Somehow
that setting got changed?

My question is can someone explain what the tangential angle does in relation to the cut quality?
Thank you,
Bruce Crawford

James Burke

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I believe it refers to the angle of the blade in relation to a true horizontal plane. A steeper angle, such as a 60 degree blade, will require the plotter to slightly over-travel a corner in order to complete square corner cuts.

With a 30 degree blade, the slope in relation to horizontal is not as steep, thus it does not require the machine to travel so far past a corner to complete the cut.