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Sgia '07


New Member
Anyone going to the SGIA '07 expo in Orlando? Oct24th-27th.. We will be there the 26th...Can anyone tell me (if you have ever been to one) Can we get thru the entire expo in one day? Or should I plan for 2 days?
If you want to see the entire show, plan on two days at minimum.

If you are going to see selected exhibitors only, you should be able to do it in one day, provided that you don't dally around.


New Member
I been to many of them all around the world, and you wont see everything in just one day not even in 2 days if you look at every booth there is.


New Member
I live an hour away and will be there at least two days. Throw in a couple of extra days and you can hit the Mouse House as well. Nothing like a tourist trap to empty your wallet. See ya there


New Member
We live 3 hours away so we will get there Fri AM -- go to the expo--stay over in a hotel and if need be we can go back to the expo on Sat..

Craig Sjoquist

New Member
I'll ride my bicycle there, with a backpack to collect all that great info I need, yes if any want any education plan for more days cause ya do learn alot

is there a website to signup



New Member
haha, craig.....i want to see the tariler on that bike for all the new equipment you be gettin'...
yep i'll be dere, prolly at the peabody across the skreet