Question Sheets vs Roll Process


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I hold the sheet up and run a single edge razor blade down the edge, the paper is thick enough to guide the blade and only cut off the overhang. When doing rolls, if the laminate is a hair wider than the vinyl, I square one side so the overhang is only on one side of the roll. Once the roll is done, I take a big snap blade knife, extend the blade all the way out and sort of saw off the bit the overhangs. Same deal if it walks. I don't like listening to it squeak across the platen and it can also stick and screw up your cut.


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I think most plotters free up or feed out enough ahead of time so that the drag or "stuck togetherness" isn't an issue during the actual cutting.

I hate not having a sheet or roll perfectly centered, but I've only had it be a frustration and not an actual issue. Up to about 1/4" inch I find "safe" for both rolls and sheets, but I aim to have no more than an 1/8th of an inch. Any amount is undesirable obviously.

If it's just a sheet I do sometimes take the time to trim the overhang off before cutting, but rolls I find cursing just as effective.