Shirt designs ?

Craig Keller

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All these shirts u see on internet for sale such as electrician job etc is this general artwork sold any place as vector like the stock vector artwork is?


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Yeah just watch the spelling and wording...these are mostly made in countries where English is not the first language. And they are typically not bundles with fonts so fixing can be tricky.


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just a heads up - NO ONE wants to pay for a batch of shirts - lawn sings and ect to be done.
and then walk out of the place where they were done to SEE the same design as they have on someones else's
materials! - use the ideas and theN create something different based on what you see!

Stacey K

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I assumed he was talking about the random shirts on Etsy, Amazon, etc. not a shirt for a business. For $9.99 you can buy 50 svgs and start selling shirts on Etsy. I guess he did mention Electrical so maybe he meant business mock-ups? If that's the case, then make them yourself, you are correct.

Stacey K

I like making signs
Yup, check out Etsy for inexpensive svgs. They also have a lot of shirts for sale that you can browse for ideas of these types of sayings to make your own shirts with your own twist. You can see what sayings are hot sellers and what types of shirts, typically Bella Canvas. I use their svgs quite a bit for spirit wear, they obviously need adjusting for our own school mascot, etc. but when you need something really quick it's a decent resource. During playoffs I might only have one day to design something and order transfers so I use combinations of these or browse for ideas. Grab a template, put the design on it and throw it on my website. Also, they have some excellent looking templates for a pretty good variety of apparel, just pop your design in. I use these types of templates for my website. It's much quicker than creating your own for all the different colors and it looks much nicer than using Sanmars photos. This is just an example. Now, can you do this yourself? Yes but the time you invest in taking all these pictures yourself seems silly when you can buy a bundle like this for $3.99


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For $30 you get 80,000 shirt designs. But as others have said, theres dozens of people selling them... So unless you're going to a flea market or somewhere crappy with a book and selling on demand, it's not worth it.

I bought it to steal a few of the elements to print a few random shirts for my kid (Which you're allowed to do, so not really stealing)... I don't think you'd ever make money off it though, unless you're setting up one of those crappy mall stalls.