Sign Blanks


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Anyone have a file setup of different types of sign blanks? I've seen them for sale before in fellers, and such. Wondering if anyone has made their own files? Or has purchased them elsewhere?


sometimes the sign programs come with some
we have sign engine and it has a bunch in 11 months only used 1


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All types of sign blanks. I want to put something together where I have a file of typical sign shapes.

Fred Weiss

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There are sign blanks and then there are sign blanks. Sometimes they're even called sign blanks. They might also be called borders, frames, panels and who knows what.

Signs blanks, as a term, is used to describe all of the above. Mostly they come as vectors ready for vinyl cutting or for adding your own fills. Sometimes they come as bitmapped images all setup with multiple layers ready for print and cut.

There are 1,000's of vector images at that can be described as sign blanks. They are also sprinkled throughout the Vector Art Mega Collections in vector form and there is a large group of them in the Vector Art Digital Mega Collection in print and cut form. Aurora Graphics also has a nicely done series of them available on their own or as part of the Print Craft Suite.