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Sign Face Min/Max Letters and lines


New Member
Hi All,

Regarding Multi-Tenant unit signs. Is there any formula you use to come up with a balanced look for the sign faces?
For example: A monument sign. With eight faces. Two columns, four rows. I want to layout tenant names. But I want to make choosing a font/character size more efficient than going back and for with my client for days on end. At the moment the longest name is "Foot Spas of America" and the shortest if "DC Pro". I like Helvetica Condensed or Gotham Medium. But some of the names just don't sit right to my eye.

Is there any method to make this look good with out spending days on the layout? I want to be able to have short and long names and have it look somewhat consistent for longer and shorter names and/or as some with single lines vs double lines of text if needed. Make sense?

I'd be grateful for any tips.