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sign warehouse or sign supply


New Member
i am getting a graphtec 24" package , sign warehouse comes with a starter pack and lxi master software all for $2495 , sign supply comes with a starter bundle and cibercut5.6 software for $2195 , does any one know which is better as far as software goes ? cibercut or lxi ? thanks

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I would inquire with Sign Supply of Kentucky as to their package price dropping the CiberCut and substituting FlexiSign. At least that way you will have a product that is the latest version, with a clean path for upgrades and a better value if you ever want to sell it.

I would also consider whether or not you will need the features of a one or two level higher version of either LXI Master or FlexiSign.

In comparing LXI and Flexi at the two dealers under discussion, SSKY wants $200 more for the comparable version to LXI and it is version 8 while the LXI is actually a private label version of Flexi 7.5. So you would be starting out more in the hole with LXI by the time you count in the cost to upgrade whenever they finally get their version 8 from Flexi.

I would also consider the reputation of the two dealers in question when it comes to providing good service after the sale.


New Member
I would trust LXi over a company that is barely know. "Cipher"??? Is that really their name? hmmmmm....never heard of it.

A little history, LXi was created by Flexi....which, know it or not, has been one of the best sign software builders for a very long time. For me, as a Mac user, Flexi was the only one who came in and helped me do signs on a computer nearly twenty years ago. I like Windows too guys, so....no flamers .....please! :wink: It's like Fords vs. Chevys with me. I'll use either as long as the don't CRASH ME too much.....lol.

Flexi, Amiable, Scanvec, Signwarehouse has always treated me right. I have not had problems with any of these names in question.